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A timeless photo is created when the energy and emotion captured can be relived time and time again.



Because an image created today is even more beautiful tomorrow.

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Get to know me

Esteylon Martinez

"Get the camera on top of the desk in the office and take some pictures"  - Jose Martinez 2011  (My Father)


That is how it all started for me. One day at my dad's nightclub in Columbus, Ohio he asked me to grab a camera and just take a couple of pictures of the crowd. Little did he know that he introduced me to what would later become my passion and career. Ever since that night, I have dabbled in all kinds of photography; nightclub, real estate, models, infants, families and more but NONE quite captured my heart like the photos that live everlastingly in the hearts of couples that are in love.


My philosophy is simple...Create visuals that will live everlastingly through the memories of my clients and loved ones. I meditate before every single wedding to remind myself that I have lived and will live through many weddings, but each wedding is lived only ONCE and it is my utmost important priority to create timeless, dynamic and candid photos and cinematography for all who put their trust in me.


Genuine feelings captured everlastingly.



Interested in my photography or cinematography services? I am HONORED! Collections start at $2,999 (we offer payment plans). Fill out the information below for more information.

Columbus, Ohio

Tel: 614-668-6303


Esteylon Martinez​


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