$20.20 Mini Sessions Terms and Conditions

By continuing to request to book our services, you are agreeing to all of the below terms and conditions.

We have some very important information to relay to you and terms that you must agree to in order for your $20.20 Senior Portrait Shoot to be approved.

1. Everlasting Imagery will be taking these portraits abiding by all Ohio's Department of Public Health's current precautions in place related to the updated regulations of Ohio's "Stay Safe" Order.⁣

2. Everlasting Imagery's representative will be wearing face masks and have hand sanitizers.⁣

3. Photos will be taken in public parks that are open to the public.⁣

4. This will be a contact-less photo session as we will be practicing social distancing (standing 6 ft (1.83 m). Apart or more from clients). Any adjustments to personal accessories will be done by the seniors themselves.⁣

5. Only one look for the special but each student can have a choice of 2 different looks: Formal/Casual OR Graduation Cap & Gown.

6. During this super unique time, we encourage creativity! Bring props/accessories! (only you will be able to touch them)⁣

7. All photos will be delivered via an online gallery.⁣

8. This exclusive deal is valid only for high school seniors, class of 2020.

9. Photo sessions are by appointment only and must be booked in advance in group 3's. No exceptions, we are not able to do any less than 3 sessions at a time with the $20.20 special. So, seniors find two other Senior friends to take advantage of this exclusive deal with you! Your photo session appointments will be booked one after the other. If you are not able to find 2 other senior friends you must upgrade to another one of our services.

10. In order to avoid a crowd larger than 10, the senior must only come at their scheduled time.

11. Only two guests per senior can show up with them (like parents, grown-ups)

12. A model release form must be signed before the photo session.

13. Payment must be made before we accept the photo session appointment request. Only online payments are accepted. Booking request for the senior photo mini session special will be accepted only after the payment is made. Payment methods:


Zelle: 614-668-6303

14. You must arrive at least 15 minutes early before your scheduled time, in order to find parking and meet up with the photographer before your start time.

15. Late clients will result in loss of scheduled time.

16. All payments are non-refundable due to the nature of booking back-to back-mini sessions. The fact that we reserved your specific time slot only for you, makes it that no other client could have booked with us during that time, therefore payment cannot be refunded

By continuing to request to book our services, you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.


Thank you for taking the time to read this agreement.